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Fundraising Tips

  • Set a fundraising goal. Challenge yourself and aim high. (e.g. $1,000). Let everyone know this is your goal.

  • If you know someone who likes to swim encourage her/him to become a  swimmer and help them raise money.

  • Ask one person a day to sponsor you - and don't be afraid to ask! People like to help out, are usually supportive and very generous.

  • Ask for a pledge of at least $25. Most people will be able to give that much or more. If they can't, they'll let you know. Every donation, large or small, counts.

  • Send a simple, clear fundraising appeal letter to everyone in your address book and on your e-mail list. Explain why you are swimming and state your fundraising goal. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope, making it easier to send back a donation.

  • Hang your pledge sheet in a visible area at work or school. Your colleagues will see it and make a pledge without you having to ask.

  • Corporate Matching Gifts can double a donation!Find
    out if your company has a Matching Gift Program by contacting your Human Resources Department.

  • Consider asking some friends at work to form a Team and swim with you. A fun competitive spirit of Fundraising can accomplish a lot!

  • Ask local businesses that you frequent for a donation (hair salons, dry cleaners, swim clubs, gym). Have your Swim Brochure handy, they may want to sponsor you! 

  • Remember to Pledge yourself!